Blondie and Dagwood: Second Wedding Workout
Release: January 01, 1989
Release: January 01, 1989

Blondie and Dagwood's 20th anniversary is coming up, and Dagwood has two conflicting projects: a renovation project on a building and his 20-year vow renewal. Everyone pitches in to work, but will everything turn out well in the end? The answer is revealed during their wedding!

Dagwood: "I'm gonna have to take the rest of the day off, Mr. Dithers."
Mr Dithers: "Take the rest of the what *where*?"
Dagwood: "I can't let Blondie down."
Mr. Dithers: "Isn't this *whole* wedding business wwwonderful?"
Mr. Dithers: "There'll be a big, fat, juicy bonus in it for ya."
"Dagwood: "I'll be able to pay for it in full next pay day."
Dagwood: "When you can't find that something special, go for bulk."
Dagwood: "Daisy, get back here. This is no time for doggie gymnastics."
Dagwood: "Maybe I'll get sent to one of those prisons that has a tennis court...Blondie!"
Dagwood: "Bonus? For me? Gosh, Blondie'll be so proud! And just in time for our... (stammers, then gasps)"
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