Jurassic Park III
Release: July 18, 2001
Release: July 18, 2001

When their son goes missing while parasailing at Isla Sorna, the Kirbys (William H. Macy and Téa Leoni) hire Alan Grant (Sam Neill) under false pretenses to help them navigate the island. Believing it to be nothing more than sight-seeing, and that he will act as a dinosaur guide from the safety of their plane, he's startled to find them landing on the ground, where they are stalked by a super-predator, the Spinosaurus, which destroys their plane. As they search for the Kirbys' son, the situation grows dire as Velociraptors (more intelligent than ever) hunt their group, and they must find a way off the island. Joe Johnston ('Jumanji'; 'October Sky') directs from the script by Peter Buchman and Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor ('Citizen Ruth'; 'Election') ; Based on characters originated from Michael Crichton's novel "Jurassic Park". The film also stars Alessandro Nivola, Michael Jeter, Trevor Morgan, Mark Harelik, and Laura Dern.

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