Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
Release: December 03, 1978
Release: December 03, 1978

It's Christmas Eve on Sesame Street and everyone, especially Big Bird, is excited for Santa Claus. That is until Oscar the Grouch raises doubts as to how he can deliver presents if he can't fit through narrow chimneys. This leaves Big Bird greatly concerned, so after he and his friends, Patty, Kermit, and Grover, can't figure it out, he decides to stay up all night to see. Meanwhile, Cookie Monster tries to contact Santa by writing him, but winds up eating the pencil and typewriter, and after trying to call him, eats the telephone too! Bert and Ernie also re-enact O'Henry's classic tale, "The Gift of the Magi", by giving up their paper clip collection and rubber ducky for respective gifts for each other. The special also has a few seasonal songs and an ice skating sequence, including Big Bird being helped by a young girl.

Oscar: "You are, without a doubt, the stupidest… [subway train goes by growing him out] …bird I've ever met!"
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Cookie Monster: "Scotch pine delicious! But Douglas fir give me heartburn! (Burps) Excuse me!"
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Oscar: "Uh… Hey, fella, What's that book you're reading there? Huh?"
Michael Jackson: ""Everything You Wanted to Know About Ghosts,… But Were Afraid To Ask". It's really trash."
Oscar: "Oh. Well, I happen to like trash. I tell 'ya what: I'll give you this brand-new broken portable TV for it. Huh? What do ya say?"
Michael: "Never mind, you can have this book gratis."
Oscar: "Yeah,… but can I have it for free too?"
Michael: "That too! Merry Christmas!"
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Big Bird: "Oscar, are you ok?"
Oscar: "Ok?! Let's go back and do it again!"
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