Final Destination 2
Release: January 01, 2003
Release: January 01, 2003

One year after the explosion of Flight 180, Kimberly "Kim" Corman is on her way to Daytona Beach for spring break with her friends Shaina, Dano, and Frankie En route, Kimberly has a premonition of a massive car pile-up on Route 23, killing everyone involved. She stalls her SUV on the entrance ramp preventing state trooper Thomas Burke, Eugene Dix (T.C. Carson), Rory Peters (Jonathan Cherry), Kat Jennings, Nora and Tim Carpenter (Lynda Boyd and James Kirk), Evan Lewis, and pregnant Isabella Hudson from entering the freeway. While Officer Burke questions Kimberly, an 18-wheeler plows into Kimberly's SUV, killing Shaina, Dano, and Frankie. In the days following the accident, Kimberly learns about the crash of Flight 180 and teams up with Clear, the last survivor, to try to save a new group of people from Death. The survivors learn that only "new life" can defeat Death, and are killed one by one through a series of freak accidents as Isabella's delivery date draws closer. It is later revealed that Isabella was never meant to die in the pileup, and Kimberly drowns herself in a lake so that she can be resuscitated by emergency staff, thus granting her "new life"; saving her and Thomas.

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