Gross Anatomy
Release: October 20, 1989
Release: October 20, 1989

They say it takes hard work, commitment, and discipline to make it through medical school...but then again there are those, like Joe Slovak, who have a different approach. Brilliant and nonconforming, he enters into his first year of med school and enrolls into the toughest course of them all: gross human anatomy; and while his independant sense of style creates comedic moments in the classroom, Joe finds himself at odds with his stern and demanding professor, Dr. Rachel Woodruff, who begins to question whether or not the "rebel" of the class has what it takes to be a doctor. Added to the tension, Joe finds himself falling head over heels for no-nonsense lab partner Laurie, who won't let anything stand in the way of her plans to be a surgeon...not even romance. And while Joe has never done anything by the book, he has to prove to them all -- including himself -- that he has what it takes to succeed...without changing his freewheeling ways.

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