The Mosquito Coast
Release: November 26, 1986

Allie Fox has never been a man to do things by the book. An avid inventor, he is a troubled genuis given to intense moods and an incredible drive. Seemingly on a whim, he shifts his family to the jungles of Central America, telling his children that America "is gone". Determined to create a civilization better than the one he has abandoned, Fox's obsession and mania might pull his family through, or it might pull them apart.

hatty: "I named her omega, after the watch...she's beeauutiful -hatty"
emily: "what happened to you? you look got smaller...your hair is gross! -emily"
allie and charlie: "allie: "how am I doin' boy?" charlie: "fine dad" -allie and charlie"
rev. spellgood and allie fox: "rev. spellgood: "there are many rooms in our fathers house mr fox, and I am the door" allie: "well dont slam it on the way out" -rev. spellgood and allie fox"
allie: "goodbye america!...and have a nice day! -allie"
Allie Fox: "Strictly speaking, there's no such thing as invention, you know. It's only magnifying what already exists. -Allie Fox"
Allie Fox: "We eat when we're not hungry, drink when we're not thirsty. We buy what we don't need and throw away everything that's useful. Why sell a man what he wants? Sell him what he doesn't need. Pretend he's got eight legs and two stomachs and money to burn. -Allie Fox"
Emily Spellgood: "I think about you when I go to the bathroom. -Emily Spellgood"
Allie Fox: "It's an absolute sin to accept the decadence of obsolescence. Why do things get worse and worse? They don't have to. They could get better and better. We accept that things fall apart. -Allie Fox"
Charlie: "Once I had believed in father and the world had seemed small and old. Now he was gone and I wasn't afraid to love him anymore. And the world seemed limitless. -Charlie"
Allie Fox: "Everything we need is here. Right here. We can live simply: gardening, beach combing. I'm a changed man, mother. No more chemicals or poisons. If what you want isn't washed up on this beach, you probably don't need it. -Allie Fox"
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