Release: November 24, 2021

Walt Disney Animation Studios has created a house in Colombia, where the Madrigals live. For Mirabel, however, she doesn't have a gift like the rest of her family… This original Colombian-styled musical features 7 Original Songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda ('In the Heights', 'Moana'), and its Score Composed by Germaine Franco. It was directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, from the screenplay by Charise Castro Smith and Bush. Yvett Merino and Clark Spencer were Producers; Jennifer Lee executive produced.

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Abuela [Narrating]: "[holding the miracandle, her pastself passes through the doors of Burno, Isabella and Luisa, aging in process, until she stops at Mirabel with the dissolving door] I was given a miracle; a second chance; ...and I was so afraid to lose it. That I lost sight of who our miracle was for. ...and, I am so sorry. [the candle disappears and the surroundings around her fades to the remains of the Encanto.] You never hurt our family, Mirabel. We are broken, [fade to...]"
Abuela: "[...the present day] because of me."
Mirabel: "[after she sighted a yellow butterfly landing on the grass in the river] Abuela, I can finally see. [she and her mother hold hands] You lost your home; lost, everything. You suffered so much, all alone, so it would never, happen again. We were saved, because of you; We were given a miracle, because of you; We are a family, because, of, you. And nothing, could ever be broken, that we can't fix, together."
Abuela: "[apologized] I asked my Pedro for help. Mirabel,... he sent me you. [she and her sister hugged each other; as "Dos Oruguitas" flourishes, Mirabelle felt very proud as the butterfly flew away. The other butterflies surround the moment until it flies around to the mountains]"
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