The Mask of Zorro
Release: July 17, 1998
Release: July 17, 1998

It has been twenty years since Don Diego de la Vega fought Spanish oppression in Alta California as the legendary romantic hero Zorro. Having escaped from prison he transforms troubled bandit Alejandro into his successor, in order to foil the plans of the tyrannical Don Rafael Montero who robbed him of his freedom, his wife, and his precious daughter Elena all those years ago. starring Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stuart Wilson, Matt Letscher, and Maury Chaykin. Martin Campbell directs from the adaptation by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio; Co-Screenplay by John Eskow / Co-Story by Randall Johnson; Zorro was originally created in the All-Story Weekly 1919 serial "The Curse of Capistrano" by Johnston McCulley. Produced by Doug Claybourne and David Foster; Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg and Walter F. Parkes & Laurie MacDonald. Music by James Horner; featuring "I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You" - performed by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena. an Amblin Entertainment production for TriStar Pictures, produced in association with Zorro Productions. Zorro: (TM) & © Zorro Productions, Inc. Used with permission.

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Capt. Love and: "Love: (dancing w/ Elena) Excuse me...we are trying to dance! Zorro: Oh, yes, you were trying...but she was succeeding! -Capt. Love and"
Guard and Bandit Brother (names?): "Guard: Hey...I thought you were tied up! Bandit: That's because you're stupid! -Guard and Bandit Brother (names?)"
Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas (can't remember character names): "Hopkins: Do you know how to use that thing? (points at rapier) Banderas: ...Yes...the pointy end goes into the other man! Hopkins: ....This is going to take a lot of work... -Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas (can't remember character names)"
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