Tom and Jerry: The Movie
Release: October 26, 1993
Release: October 26, 1993

Tom and Jerry the famous cat and mouse on the world, be friendly and worked together. They lived with a girl named Robyn who find her father any where, but Aunt Figg wanted to Robyn Stay in her home. With help of Tom and Jerry, Robyn escape fron Aunt Figg's home and they go to find her father. (c)1993 Turner Entertainment Co.

Dr. Applecheeks: "Sorry, boys! One good turn deserves another!"
Robyn: "Do I miss you? Count the stars, multiply by ten."
Puggsy: "Somebody's got to get over there and press the buttons on the control panel. -Puggsy"
Puggsy Frankie Flea: "You guys are fighting like a cat and a mouse.' 'They are a cat and a mouse, Puggsy. -Puggsy Frankie Flea"
Lickboot: "We got to have... MONEY! -Lickboot"
Tom Jerry: "Tom: I'm Tom. Jerry: I'm Jerry. Both:You talk! Tom: Well sure I talk, what do you think I am, a dummy? -Tom Jerry"
Droopy: "Droopy: Hello, all you happy people. -Droopy"
Aunt Figg to Ferdinand: "I KNOW you were eating. You're ALWAYS eating! You want this cupcake? Fetch! -Aunt Figg to Ferdinand"
Robin and Aunt Figg: "Daddy..." "DADDY is DEAD." -Robin and Aunt Figg"
Aunt Figg: "Well, your pets certainly are housebroken. They've only been here five minutes and already they've broken the house. -Aunt Figg"
Tom: "All right, that does it, you little... Boy, you get me angry! -Tom"
Tom and Jerry: "A cat and a mouse...friends? That's disgusting! No way!" "That goes double for me. -Tom and Jerry"
Frankie and Bugsy: "It's a dog-eat-dog world!" "I'm not too partial to that analogy, Frankie. -Frankie and Bugsy"
Ferdinand: "He he he, gotcha mousie!! -Ferdinand"
Tom and Jerry, simultaneously: "I'm Tom." "And I'm Jerry..." "YOU TALKED!!" -Tom and Jerry, simultaneously"
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