Pokemon: The First Movie
Release: November 06, 1999
Release: November 06, 1999

Based on the Pokémon craze in the late '90s (although millions of kids and adults still enjoy it well in to the new millennium.) this premiere movie to the Pokémon series was based on a video game. A genetic Pokémon by the name of Mewtwo was cloned from the legendary Mew, but everything seemed to go wrong when Mewtwo started to downspiral into thoughts of his life being worthless. Those thoughts quickly progressed to thoughts of anger in which Mewtwo attempted to destroy every human and the Pokémon on their side along with Mew whom he considered his enemy. His attempts were thwarted by the main trainer and his best friends/travelers. They went by the name of Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock along with other trainers. After an epic battle between Pokémon and their clones with weird "tattoos", Mewtwo had an epiphany and relized that their battle was a wrong and that just because they were the clones they could live as equals to the originals. they relized that they do have a purpose in life. Before the movie was shown there was a short film "Pikachu's Vaction". Released: November 10, 1999

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Mewtwo: "I may have been cloned from your DNA, but now I will prove that Mewtwo is better than the original. Superior to Mew!"
Corey: "Now, it all makes sense!"
Neesha: "Mewtwo was cloned from Mew from the beginning."
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Mewtwo: "I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are"
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Mewtwo: "You are as pathetic as the rest."
Scientist: "We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokemon... and we've succeeded."
Mewtwo: "So, This Is My Power... But What Is My Purpose?"
Mewtwo: "It is futile to try and escape my power."
Mewtwo: "Fools, your Pokémon attacks cannot weaken me. My powers are too great. No trainer can conquer me."
Ash: "Then, you won't mind proving it in a real match."
Mewtwo: "Is that a challenge?"
Ash: "You bet it is!"
Mewtwo: "Fool! Trying to stop our battle!"
Pikachu: "Pika pi.....(He starts to cry) -Pikachu"
Meowth: "Escaped by a hair... -Meowth"
Mewtwo: "Like most Pokemon trainers, I too began with Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. But for their evolved forms, I used their genetic material to clone even more powerful copies."
Ash: "Humans and Pokémon CAN be friends..when we care! Payback time!"
Misty: "*Ash being turned into stone* please, no."
James: "Who's *that* Pokémon?"
Mewtwo: "Humans and Pokemon can *NEVER* be friends."
Giovanni: "You were created by humans to obey humans. You could never be our equal."
Ash Ketchum: "Someone's got to take a stand. Someone's got to say 'no' and refuse to fight just like Pikachu."
Misty: "Well that sure was a shocking ending."
Brock: "Shocking that Ash moves so fast."
James: "I'm scared!"
Jessie: "Me too."
Meowth: "Meowth!"
Meowth & Jessie: "I'm starvin'. I can cook something! Thanks, but the last time you cooked, you almost wiped out of my nine lives."
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