I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Release: July 03, 1978
Release: July 03, 1978

It's February, 1964 and America has come down with Beatlemania. Six friends from Maplewood, New Jersey make the wildest road trip to New York City in the hopes to catch The Fab Four's big debut on The Ed Sullivan Show and everyone has their own agenda...Grace wants to gets exclusive photos of The Beatles and will do anything to get the money for the chance; Janis wants people to protest against them, but has a change of heart and helps another get his tickets from his stern father; Pam is worried that her fiance will be mad that she left before their nuptuals; and Rosie, all she wants is to gets close to Paul, only to get sidetracked with the hotel security guards chasing her and a fellow Beatle freak. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, marking his directorial debut.

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