Herbie Rides Again
Release: February 15, 1974

In San Francisco, the dreams of Alonzo Hawk to build a skyscraper in his name are thwarted by Grandma Steinmetz who sits stubbornly in her firehouse home on the property he needs. Hawk sends his nephew, Willoughby, to charm Mrs. Steinmetz who, along with a beautiful airline hostess boarder and the magical VW Herbie, convinces him he should stay out of the whole mess. After many chases and confrontations, Herbie emerges victorious and both Mrs. Steinmetz and Willoughby find romance.

Alonzo Hawk: "Get that car, dead or alive! -Alonzo Hawk"
Alonzo Hawk: "What's that? I thought we got rid of that crummy little firehouse months ago. -Alonzo Hawk"
Willoughby Whitfield: "Herbie, if you don't stop, you won't be invited to our wedding! -Willoughby Whitfield"
Alonzo Hawk: "Tonight, he's going to smash that crummy old firehouse to matchwood. It'll certainly teach that battleax a lesson. -Alonzo Hawk"
Alonzo Hawk: "Once you learn something when you're young, you never forget it. But even a six-year-old could steal this one-cylinder hair dryer! -Alonzo Hawk"
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