D3: The Mighty Ducks
Release: October 04, 1996

This story focuses mainly on Charlie as he veers down the same self-loathing path Gordon took when he was a youth. The Ducks return to thier roots in the third installment of this seires. Back home in Minnesota. Tieing in with the first episode. After reaching the Top in D2 this story deals with the aftermath and a new phase in their all the team members lives. The Ducks get scholorships to the Prestigous Eden Hall Academy. And the beloved Varsity team draws paraells to the hawks in the 1st installment. As the dominant agressor. As they are favored by the powerful members of society. And the Ducks are once again seen as the Rag-Tag untradtional team. Shunned upon by the conservative norm. Faced with a new uptight coach and the mounted pressure from the alumus board, whos chair is the Varsity team captains father, the obstacles are huge for the Ducks. Can Gordon mentor Charlie and veer him away from his current path of self-destructivness and teach him he is the only one capable of leading the Ducks, their one and only captain. Can the Ducks once again stand up to the conformity and be victourious?

Charlie: "This is for Hans."
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Dean Buckley: "Ted! Ted! I know you're as disappointed in that tie as we are."
Coach Orion: "Actually, I preferred a loss."
Dean: "You're kidding, Right, Coach?"
Coach Orion: "You know, you can learn a hell of a lot more than losing them from winning."
Dean: "We don't have time for learning, we need to win. They could lose their scholarships."
Coach Orion: "You're kidding. Right, Dean?"
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Charlie: "You have no idea what it was like playing for that guy."
Casey: "I don't care who your coach is. Your behavior out there was juvenile."
Charlie: "Yeah, because Coach Orion..."
Casey: "'Because Coach Orion", nothing. You used to feel the same way about Coach Bombay, remember? I think the only thing that can be changing around here is your attitude!"
Charlie: "What? Oh, give me a break!"
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Gordon: "Every time you touch the ice, remember that it was Hans who taught us to fly."
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Hans: "Go. Be with your friends, Charlie. You are the heart of the team. Don't let it slip away."
Charlie: "They're the ones that are slipping away from me."
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Coach Orion: "Well, congratulations. You just forfeited whatever edge you might had over the Varsity; now they know they own you. This isn't the peewees, your little duck tricks are not gonna work on this level. Now for the last time, stay away from the Varsity!"
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Tom: "That's funny? You think you're worth a damn, you're just white trash!"
Russ: "Uh, who are you calling "white trash"?"
Charlie: "We'll take you anytime, anywhere."
Tom: "Tomorrow, dawn."
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Hans: "That's my ducks!"
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Tom Riley: "Ducks."
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Julie: "Coach says I'm the starter."
Goldberg: "Coach? I don't see any coach."
Julie: "We'll split the shifts, I wanna piece of these guys."
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Connie: "We can't win if they're gonna cheat!"
Charlie: "Don't show 'em we're hurt, keep skating."
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Charlie: "What are we playing for anyway, some stupid school? The alumni? I mean Warriors? Where the hell are we now?"
Russ: "Look man, we're on scholarship! I'm stayin'."
Fulton: "Fine, sellout."
Russ: "Who are calling a sellout, punk?!"
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Julie Gaffney: "(sing-song) Fulton scored, Fulton scored, I am really bored. Fultons great, Fulton's great, a year ago he couldn't even skate."
Goldberg: "(shouting as rolling down a hill) I'm a golie, not a skater!"
Coach Orion: "To win Coach Orion, sir!"
Averman: "No! Will! It takes real "will" if you wanna play in this barn!"
Coach Orion: "You listen up and you listen up good. We're here for 1 reason and 1 reason only. You know what that is? It starts with a "W"."
Averman: "To win Coach Orion, sir!"
Coach Orion: "No. To work. High school hockey is very hard work and it all begins with defense."
Coach Orion: "The Ducks are dead. You got two choices, Conway. Take off that jersey right now, or you won't play."
Charlie: "You're breaking up the best any of us ever had."
Coach Orion: "Well, it's time to grow up."
Charlie: "Grow up? Like you, huh? A washed up pro has to show up to a bunch of kids? Jeez, that's real grown-up."
Coach Orion: "Okay goodbye, Conway."
Tom Riley: "First to 10, full check."
Charlie Conway: "Bring it on."
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