Eleanor's Secret
Release: January 01, 2009
Release: January 01, 2009

Nathaniel, aged 7, goes to spend the summer holidays in the seaside villa that belonged to his old aunt Eleanor. Nathaniel’s parents inherited the villa and Nathaniel also received a gift in his aunt’s will: a whole library of old books. The inheritance doesn’t much interest him until he discovers that the books are inhabited… Captain Hook, Alice and even the Wicked Fairy live in these books, which are the ORIGINALS of every fairy story! Better still, these tiny heroes of children’s literature need Nathaniel to protect them. All he has to do is to read the magic inscription in the library to keep them alive. But Nathaniel still has problems with reading and before he can decipher the inscription the books are sold to a secondhand dealer. Nathaniel, now shrunk by the Wicked Fairy to the size of the storybook heroes, surpasses himself to save his tiny friends and their stories, even to the point of facing up to an ogre, or battling with beach crabs that are now giant size! Now Nathaniel must overcome his reading ability and save the characters to get him back to normal size.

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