Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie
Release: February 17, 1995

Mr. Payback is a killer cyborg sent to punish rude and selfish bullies throughout society. Audiences vote on what types of sadistic punishments Mr. Payback inflicts.

Narrator: "The butt-heads are out there. Who will Mr. Payback meet next?"
Added By: Clint_Olson
Car Jerk: "[parked in a handicapped spot] I say, screw the handicapped! I'm parked there, and I ain't movin'!"
Payton Bach (Mr. Payback): "No problem. You won't move it? I will, one piece at a time. [rips off the guy's fender]"
Car Jerk: "[screams, runs towards his car] No! I'll move it! I'll move it! I'm movin' it!"
Added By: Clint_Olson
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