Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy
Release: October 02, 2018

The U.S. has suffered a total societal breakdown in this latest film from director Don Michael Paul. To incarcerate the worst of its violent criminals, Weyland International, a private corporation, has created the world's largest prison, called the "Sprawl". Surrounded by a wall from which there's no escape, an entire city has become that prison -- a harrowing, isolated place. Chaos reigns. Violence is rampant. Death is a constant way of life. A seemingly-indestructible leader, called "Frankenstein", rules the bloodthirsty prison population with an iron hand (and an iron mask, as well). The primary entertainment: Death Race -- a car race broadcast over the "dark web" to millions of "fans". Only one competitor can survive. Frankenstein takes on all comers. To kill him in a Death Race is the only possible way to become the commander of the Sprawl. On the outside, Weyland's authorities are near panic; they've lost control. Enter Connor Gibson, a mysterious new prisoner, a stoic force of nature, whom it appears that no one can defeat in battle. His objective: to compete in the Death Race. To gain entry to the race, he must prove himself time and again against the most vicious men and women of Sprawl City. Connor's quest becomes more treacherous and more surprising as he gets closer to his goal.

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