Hellraiser: Bloodline
Release: March 08, 1996
Release: March 08, 1996

Clive Barker's horrific creation Pinhead (Doug Bradley) returns to the screen for the fourth (and purportedly final) time in this time-juggling horror opus. In 18th century France, Phillippe LeMarchand (Bruce Ramsay) constructs a black puzzle box for the wizard Duc de L'Isle (Mickey Cottrell); however, the box has potentially deadly consequences when it's discovered that it can be used to open the gates of hell, freeing the demonic Pinhead. 200 years later, the box finds its way into the hands of John (also played by Bruce Ramsay), a New Yorker and distant descendant of LeMarchand who is being pursued by Pinhead and his minions, while another 200 years hence, Paul Merchant (Ramsay again) is trying to make his way aboard a space station in hopes of reclaiming the puzzle box, hoping to destroy it before it can be used to once again release the demons upon the world; Merchant is also attempting to build a second box that can close the gates that the first box opens. While make-up artist Kevin Yagher made his directorial debut with this film, the final cut was taken away from him and considerably shortened, which in his mind severely compromised the film's complex, time-traveling narrative. He opted to instead credit his work to Alan Smithee, which was the Directors Guild's official pseudonym for directors who feel their work has been tampered with.

11 years, 10 months ago
all the ones after the 3rd one sucked, but the 1st three make up for it, they are amazingly scary LOL, specially the 3rd, used to give me nightmares
    12 years, 6 months ago
    I'm not exactly a Hellraiser fan, but I'm starting to check these films out. The part of the plot in this one is that Pinhead goes into the future and Outer Space. Sorta goes the Jason X route. I'll check it out.
      13 years, 2 months ago
      it really wasn't that bad. the acting was decent and the gore effects were nice. i don't know why people think it's worse than that piece of crap Hellraiser:Inferno. blah, now that one was a nightmare.
        13 years, 8 months ago
        " A non-stop nightmare" is right. It was a nightmare in how bad it was.
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