Pokémon 4Ever
Release: January 01, 2001
Release: January 01, 2001

First released to Japan in 2001 then in the U.S. in 2002. 40 years ago, a young trainer named Sam(a young Professor Oak) is venturing through the forest, despite warnings of a rare and powerful Pokemon. He soon finds the Pokemon, a Celebi, being hunted by a poacher. Befriending it, Celebi decides to protect him and itself from the poacher by teleporting to the future. In the present time, Ash and his friends are making their way through the same forest, they soon find Sam and Celebi who had teleported to their time. Unknown to all of them, the same poacher from 40 years ago is back in hot pursuit of Celebi, and to finally capture it, he has teamed up with the Iron Masked Marauder, a member of Team Rocket with a new type of device called the Dark Ball, which not only always captures the Pokemon, it makes their heart dark and destructive. Despite their efforts, the Iron Masked Marauder soon catches Celebi where he reveals his true intentions, abusing its power to take over Team Rocket, leaving Ash and his friends, Sam, and Team Rocket to stop the Marauder's dark actions. The short film "Pikachu's PikaBoo" played before the movie.

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