My Little Pony: The Movie
Release: June 20, 1986
Release: June 20, 1986

When a dark force threatens the ponies, they go an adventure to stop it

Draggle to her sister: "I'll do the dirty work, you get the floom."
Grundle King: "Grundles Good. -Grundle King"
Pony and Grundles: "What's Smooze?" "That Smooze!! -Pony and Grundles"
Molly and Danny: "Molly: It's the ugliest thing I've seen! Danny: Reminds me of your friend Laurie. Molly: Does not! -Molly and Danny"
Magic Star: "Meagan, release the Rainbow of Light! -Magic Star"
The Smooze: "SMOOOOOZE! -The Smooze"
Grundle King: "GRUNDLE-MUFF! -Grundle King"
Hydia: "Now in order to make the Smooze, we'll need a few things... Here! (shoves a long list into Reeka's and Draggle's faces) Go get 'em! -Hydia"
Hydia: "It's time for the SMOOZE! -Hydia"
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