Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate
Release: March 01, 2024

say "Ollo" again to Megamind. the DreamWorks villain the audience saw in theaters in 2010 is now striking to Peacock with his new series 'Megamind Rules'. and the series kicks off with this 83-minute pilot movie. It explores how Megamind, now the reformed supervillain, navigates his new role as the city’s defender, and his first task is to stop his former evil teammates, the Doom Syndicate. with the voices of Keith Ferguson, Laura Post, Josh Brener, Maya Aoki Tuttle, Emily Tunon, Talon Warburton, Scott Adsit, Chris Sullivan, Tony Hale, Jeanine Mason, Adam Lambert, Jeanine Mason, Michael Beattie, Eric Fogel, Todd Haberkorn, Eric Murphy, Joey Rudman, and Roger Craig Smith. Eric Fogel directs from writers Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons [all three serve as executive producers]; the main series was based on the 2010 movie directly licensed from DreamWorks Animation, LLC.. Co-Executive Producer: JD Ryznar. from DreamWorks Animation Television.

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