Release: August 19, 1994
Release: August 19, 1994

Darryl Walker is a nerdy childlike inventor with a genius for inventing various gadgets out of his stuff. When he stumbles on a method to make his outfit instoppable, he becames the city's ultimate crime-fighter Blankman!

Blankman: "Minelli, you're going down!"
Darryl Walker: "Holy needy neighbor!"
Blankman: "J-5 should be gingerly on his way!"
Kevin Walker: "I got news for you, Urkel. You don't need a permit to open up a crack house. You close that one down, another one will open up right next door. You can't walk around like some vigilante!"
Darryl Walker: "Why not? Batman did it!"
Kevin Walker: "Batman? Darryl, that was fantasy. He had everything. You live in reality, you got nothin'. You're no Batman."
Darryl Walker: "Maybe, I outta be."
Blankman: "You'll never get away with this, you diabolical fiend!"
Blankman: "Slap me around and call me Susan."
Biff: "*slaps him* I warned you, Susan!"
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