The Cuphead Show! Intro

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On: March 07, 2022

Intro (Welcome to The Cuphead Show!)

[Intro: Gizelle Andrea Becerra] Come with me to the Inkwell Isles It's just off the coast, maybe twenty-nine miles Where there's good and there's bad And then there's in between With Cuphead and Mugman, you'll see what I mean [Verse: Gizelle Andrea Becerra & Cuphead & Mugman] Ice cream and rockets, trouble never ends! Watch these ding-dongs as they make new friends (Zig-zag, zig-zag!) They'll need some help just to stay on track Oh no, there's that guy! You better watch your back So, if you'rе lookin' for fun (Yes, we're lookin' for fun!) And a dash of heebiе-jeebies (We've got the heebie-jeebies) Then pack your bags and let's go! Welcome to The Cuphead Show! Welcome to The Cuphead Show!

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