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14 years ago
This was an incredibly difficult game. I read on wikipedia it was made easier for the American version which is scary.

Still, it was one of my favorites, even if I could only beat it with the help of a game genie.

I spent a summer playing it, and just loved the maps, weapons, and bad guys (basically Purple Nazis called Badds, which were called Nazis in the Japanese version).

So when I saw there was new one coming out, I got pretty pumped. Lets just hope it does justice to the name.
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    14 years ago
    Great game back in the day. The new one looks good. I here the people making it are big timefans of the past games. Capcom has been making some real good stuff the last generation and this so I'm expevting quality.
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      14 years ago
      i think it'll be pretty sweet.. i liked what i read in Game Informer.. hopefully the gameplay holds up to the graphics 8)
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        14 years ago
        i just played it on the web and i forgot how freakin hard this game was
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