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14 years ago
After reading this Wikipedia.org article on the Super Scope for SNES:

"The Super Scope makes use of the scanning process used in cathode ray tube monitors, as CRTs were the only affordable TV monitors until the late 1990s. In short, the screen is drawn by a scanning electron beam that travels horizontally across each line of the screen from top to bottom. A fast photodiode will see any particular area of the screen illuminated only briefly as that point is scanned, while the human eye will see a consistent image due to persistence of vision."

It kind of makes me wonder, because I haven't tried it myself.

Will the old light-gun games like the SNES Super Scope, the NES Light Gun, or even my beloved 3DO's light gun (for their American Laser Games) work on modern-day flat-panel HDTV's?

Has anybody tried it as of yet? Any success?
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    14 years ago
    I work with electronics, specifically t.v.s. Theoretically, t.v.s still scan the same way they always have. With the old t.v.s, they used an interlace system, ie: all scan lines on the t.v.have numbers. At one point all odd numbers are on, the next point all even numbers are on. On todays t.v.s, most are progressive scanning. The lines don't go on and off anymore but the image still changes. So if the light gun picks up a certain image at a certain point it should still work.
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      14 years ago
      Nope, it doesn't work on HDTVs unfortunatly. I tried playing Duck Hunt on my TV and I couldn't even shoot the ducks. It wasn't until later that I found out that laser gun technology is only compatable with the glass-screen TVs and not the LCD screen TVs. So I used my regular TV to play Duck Hunt. LOL good thing I didn't get rid of my regular TV.
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