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14 years ago
Everybody talks here about the NES, SNES,PlayStation(...)But what about the GameBoy?When somebody talks about the GB, they only mention those games:Mario Land(the series),Wario Land(the series)Tetris,Zelda:Link`s Awakening,Pokémon:Red/Blue.There are other games,people!
Squishy:I`ve made a list:DonkeyKong,Kirby`s Pinball(best Kirby game ever),Kirby:Nightmare on DreamLand,Metroid 2:The Adventure of Samus,Kid Icarus,Commander Keen,Megaman:Dr.Willy`s Revenge,Megaman 2,Megaman 3,Megaman 4,Megaman 5,Bubble Bobble,Bubble Bobble Part 2,Boy and His Blob in Rescue of Princess Blobette,Parasol Stars,Pac-Man,Burger Time,Elevator Action,Q*Bert,Quix,Mario`sPicross,Castlevania:Belmont`s Revenge,Castlevania Legends,Titus the Fox to Marrakech and Back(...)
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    14 years ago
    Well I'm surprised; I bought Donkey Kong Land II yesterday and nobody has had a talk about it on here since.
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      14 years ago
      Bomberman Quest and Bomberman Tournament are two Game Boy gems!
      Game... ovahhhhhhhhh!!!
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        14 years ago
        Of all my retro systems I play, my Gameboy Color is the one I play the most, I also play it very often, last time I played it was Friday

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          14 years ago
          I got a Game boy Advance. I can't fined any games for it.
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            14 years ago
            I own at this point

            Super Mario Land

            game and watch gallery

            and I just found pokemon pinball at a garage sale (the cartage with the battery in back)

            I remember liking double dragon 1 or 2 as a kid, I believe I rented 1 or 2 from phar-mor

            Just incase anybody has trouble remembering their favorite games gamefaqs has a good listing


            Can u picture that - Th
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              14 years ago
              Game Boy was really my introduction to video games. The first one I ever had was a red Game Boy Pocket and my first game was Tetris DX. I played that all the time till Pok'emon came and my obsession with that began. :)
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                14 years ago
                I had this bomberman game I got in a game trade a summer camp, it wsa bomberman max blue(I was also trying to find red)

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                  14 years ago
                  Ahahah, I got Red when those two games came out just because I thought Max looked cool. >>; Now I definitely wish I'd gone with Blue.
                  Game... ovahhhhhhhhh!!!
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                    Here is a list of Classic Game Boy games that I currently own:

                    - Game & Watch Gallery
                    - Pokemon: Yellow Version
                    - Alleyway
                    - Bart Simpson's Escape From Camp Deadly
                    - Paperboy
                    - Donkey Kong
                    - Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
                    - Super Mario Land
                    - Kirby's Pinball Land
                    - Tetris
                    - The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening
                    - Mega Man II
                    - Bomberman GB
                    - Kirby's Dream Land 2
                    - Wario Blast
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                      14 years ago
                      I got a Game boy Advance. I can't fined any games for it.

                      Have you tried online? I get my bga games from,deep discount dvd or a used game site named I used to have a ton of trouble finding gba games that I wanted in stores.
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                        14 years ago
                        I love Link's Awakening! I remember when the b&w gameboys were really popular.
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                          14 years ago
                          I had (I still may have it, just need to clean out my closet because that's where I last left it) my Gameboy Color that I recieved in the hospital for free back in 1998.

                          I had my old black and white GB games like Link's Awakening, Super Mario Land 1-2, Wario Land, Tetris and a bunch of others.

                          I had the original GB when I was 7, but like an idiot, I threw it down the toilet, didn't get another one.
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