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This is something interesting I found a few weeks ago, you can actually adjust and change Super Mario World levels using a program found here - http://www.angelfire.com/sk2/snesres/smw/lunar.shtml

It's pretty cool, you can basically put in enemies, items, boundaries, change the land of levels. Of course you have to have the SNES emulator and the Super Mario World game on your computer. There are some glitches if you throw in too many items, it's not perfect, but interesting nonetheless.

These "new" updated levels are all over Youtube, here is a stunning example of what one person created using this program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beduEFYqVHQ
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    well i already made a thread exactly like this. its called lunar magick...http://www.retrojunk.com/forums/index.php?view=posts&fid=10&tid=28663 so go here instead please.
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      Wow, you found Lunar Magic JUST now, huh?

      But man, did I have some fucking fun editing the levels and text of SMW. I go for the fancy designs rather than the unusually difficult, like what you see on JewTube.

      "Gone to Taco Bell... if I can ever find one. Oh well, think outside the bun.
      - Yoshi"

      "You can break a block by using a spin jump. Be sure you've eaten your vegetables."

      "Finally I'm out of
      that damn egg. My
      name's Yoshi,
      Koopa trapped me
      in that egg for no
      reason. Wanna
      ride? You better
      freaking feed me!"

      "Press the L button
      to scroll left.
      Press the R button
      to scroll right.
      You can see
      further, but you'd
      probably never us

      "See the coins with
      Yoshi's face
      plastered on it?
      Collect 5 of them
      for a 1-UP. If
      this was the GBA
      version, they'd be

      "Remember Lemmy Koopa? Oh
      yeah. He fell in the
      lava yesterday. Poor
      guy. He was funny in the
      cartoons. Now that you
      survived, you must go
      through Dual Bridges,
      named after foods."

      "The only female child of
      King Bowser Koopa has
      also fallen into a
      lava pit. You are almost
      at your destination. Get
      your Frog Suit ready,
      because this next level
      will tear your heart out"
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        wow what an amazing discovery!.....2 years ago
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