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Now im not criticizing the guy for making a good review on Ghostbusters for the NES, but I just dont think its the most reliable review.

For one things he states that in 1988 the graphics on this game were the best at that time, I find that statement to be quite false because there were games before this one on the NES that had way more detail then the ghostbusters game and on NES, the game came out in 1988, casltevania was in 1987 and it was much more detail then this game, megaman was also also 1987 and still had better and more detailed graphics and backgrounds, contra came out 1988 on february and also had better graphics, so that part of (but if you think about the time the game was released the graphics were the best for its time) WAS COMPLETLY WRONG!!!!!

Also he states that (if you liked the movie youll most definately like the game, and the only reason I could think of you not liking the game is if you didnt like the movie) I know a doesn people who probably liked the movie but didnt like the game, heres the link.


Also he acts like its possible to get past the stairs level, which by most youtube videos seams to be impossible without using the game genie.

Now im not agreeing with the angry video game nerd but this guys just not being very accurate, maybe he does like the game but its just not a very reliable review. All hes doing is making every effert possible to make the game sound good. Not saying its a bad review just saying its not a very accurate one, heres the link.


This review is a little more accurate I find because the guy states that new people might be turned off by the game.


Heres a review that shows all the problems the game has.

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    Uhhh, do you even have a link to said review? Probably just a stupid review to counter the AVGN about why the game is "good" and he's wrong, but fails.
    Game... ovahhhhhhhhh!!!
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      Don't be dissin' the guys at NESPlayer. They know their stuff. It's all opinions, really.

      And... you made a topic about this before. =/ Why not let it go?
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