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16 years, 8 months ago
Hey there everybody, nice to see a tape trading section put up here on retrojunk. Anyway, I'm really interested in doing trades. Here are some of the wants I'm currently looking for, but I'll trade for just about any 80s cartoon with commercials. Without further ado, here we go:

Any Saturday Morning Blocks from the 80s with commercials
You can’t do that on Television
Fun House
Space Cats
Ghostbusters (Boo York and Slimer gets sucked into the TV episodes)
Any episodes of V with 80's commercials
Any episodes of RollerJam
Basically any 80s show with commercials
Punky Brewster Animated Christmas
Christmas episodes of shows
Any Ronald Reagan Presidential Speeches (election coverage, state of the union addresses, etc.)
1985 WWF Wrestling Classic
2000 WCW Halloween Havoc
2000 WCW Mayhem
2000 WCW Starrcade
2001 WCW Sin
2001 WCW Superbrawl
2001 WCW Greed

As for the stuff that I have, its a big list, so please take a looksee at my list.

Hope to hear from everybody!
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    3 years, 10 months ago
    I saw that your want list you are asking for some You Can't Do That On Television episodes. Well I have five. Don't know what 3 shows you have but here are what I have.

    YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION (Quality kinda gritty but what can you expect being probable from fourth or fifth copies//Some do have commercials not for sure which ones)
    SEASON 2 (1981)
    Episode 18. Dating
    SEASON 3 (1982)
    Episode 30. Popularity
    SEASON 4 (1983)
    Episode 43. Medicine
    SEASON 5 (1984)
    Episode 54. Courage (Premiere Episode)
    SEASON 9 (1989)
    Episode 138. Generosity
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