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I'm asking because a lot of fans have stated they only liked the stactions and would only support the stactions and would not be supporting any new toyline.

I for one, always thought as the stactions as a bridge between the 200X line to a new era of MOTU - a line which would tie us over until Mattel would bring the toys back, so I'm confused as to why fans seem to be dead against a new toyline - were we really that spoiled by the stactions? And did fans never expect the toys to return?

I am a fan of the stactions and really enjoyed collecting them and displaying them, but I always knew as a MOTU toy fan they weren't entirely satisfying and longed to pose them, and was hoping that the toys (in whatever form) would return.

If I had my own way we would get stactions and toys, but we know that won't be possible, I just think we're really lucky to be getting another chance with MOTU and remembering the outrage when the toyline/cartoon was cancelled, it seems some fans and even fans on other toy forums don't want to see MOTU back

Don't know if I worded this right, what do you guys think? Were fans happy with just getting stactions and if they had continued, only stactions for the next few years?
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    What are Stactions?
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      I was wondering this myself. I have no idea what stactions are, and I was a MAJOR He-Man fan.

      Edit: I just looked it up. Apparently manufacturers NECA released a line of He-Man "mini-statues" (no articulation, thus "Staction Figures") which were marketed following the end of the run of the 2002 Mattel figures.

      To answer the OP's question, as far as I can tell, the reason for no current or future lines of He-Man toys was due to the colossal failure of the 2002 line-up. You can blame this on any number of things, but I blame it on 2 things: (1.) The line was marketed to younger kids and not to collectors. Kids just didn't bite at the concept. (2.) Too many He-Man and Skeletor variants. It seems as though everytime I went to the toy section, I'd find tons of them, and very rarely would I catch hold of the side characters, which were who I was really after. I didn't need Smash Blade He-Man...I wanted Mekanek or Stratos. Anyway, the variants didn't move well at the stores, so they clogged up the shelves (preventing new stock from being shelved and sold) and caused toy retailers to shy away from ordering more waves.

      As for the Stactions (now that I know what they are, I remember seeing one of Stinkor and the Sorceress) the only place I ever saw them was in a specialty shop, and they were ridiculously overpriced.

      Personally, I'm just happy to have the originals.
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