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1. No Excessive flaming, trolling, harassing, or baiting other guests.
Flaming should be self evident, trolling means to make posts or threads for the intended purpose of starting an argument, while baiting is any post intended to make another user resort to flaming. Harassment means following a user or group of users around through multiple threads to flame them, bait them, or otherwise cause them to want to avoid the boards because of a user's actions towards them. A flame every once in awhile may be alright, though.
Harassment of ANYONE can mean a removal from the forums.

2. No excessive cursing, violence, or sexual content
My take on cursing, as long as you're using it in moderation, it's good. However, if you use it in a manner like in one of today's Rap songs, that's a bit too far. Violence and/or sexual content may be deemed illegal however.

3. No hate speech, racial slurs, religious discrimination, sexism, homophobic remarks, etc.
Retro Junk is an open and welcoming community for everyone, and we plan on keeping it that way.

4. No discussion nor promotion of illegal activities, this includes but is not limited to:
* Drug use
* Solicitation of a minor
* Copyright infringement (including the distribution of files such as video game ROMs, CD images of proprietary software, CD keys, warez, and PDFs of commercially available books)
* Murder/Death
* Terrorism
* etc.
Just because white collar crime is a high thing to look for on the Internet, doesn't mean we stray attention away from the Blue Collar stuff.

5. No Spam, this includes but is not limited to:
* Making threads that have absolutely no constructive purpose whatsoever (such as "Post about anything here!" threads)
* Quote Trains (quoting a quote of a quote of a quote so it forms a long train of nested quotes)
* Continuously bumping your or other threads (minimum threshold should be at least 12 hours)
* VS. threads should be taken to the appropriate user forum
* Posting for the sake of posting and/or to raise your post count
* Spamming links in general to try to get the users to direct traffic off this site and/or to buy things. We are NOT a free advertising service. If you wish to advertise on Retro Junk, contact a super moderator, Vertex, or adventure_of_link, and we'll see about working something out with you.
* Posting online petitions, these DO NOT WORK.
* Your thread not having at least some attempt at a topic in general.
Any thread linking to a commercial site for the express purpose of getting guests to buy things from it will be locked, and the links/e-mails removed.

6. If a moderator/admin locks/edits/deletes/moves/etc. something, don't repost it. Such an action was done for a reason.
Self-explanatory. The exception is when you are given permission by a super moderator/admin to restart/repost it.

7. Post in the correct sections.
The Memory Lane board is for discussing retro topics. Requests is for requesting audio/video files, Video Games are for any discussions relating to video games, etc. If you are unsure where to post, try Chit Chat. If you post in the wrong section, your thread may be moved to the proper forum with or without notification.

8. Do not make duplicate threads.
When you want to make a new thread, do a quick search using the 'search' button at the top of the page. When searching for any given term, make sure to click on 'search for all terms', or you will get pages of unrelated posts. If there is already a thread on that subject, post to it instead of making a new thread. If multiple threads on the same subject are discovered on the front page, the odds are that one of them will be locked. Remember, this forum has been here for years, chances are there's already an existing thread on the subject.

9. Do not create improper usernames, this includes:
* Vulgar usernames
* Usernames that are intentionally copying an existing user for the purpose of trying to trick people into thinking you are that poster
* Anything which breaks any of the rules in general.
Any name that is deemed improper will be modified by the Retro Junk staff as they see fit. If you re-register with the same name after it has been deemed inappropriate, it will be banned outright. If you think the name you are signing up with is kind of iffy, then don't use it.

10. Forbidden/Banned subjects, this includes:
* Sexual Orientation
* Sexual activities in regards to other users
* Goodbye threads
* Religion

Don't start threads on these topics, or try to pull an existing thread onto these topics. If we find them, they're going to be locked. We're sorry that we have to do this, but these topics are just very touchy for everyone involved, and it's f
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