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Well- I do like the Pooh bear song that's available...But this one I'm requesting is the one I watched when I was growing up. I don't really know what else to say about it, so I'll end it here. I included the links below just to clarify which song I mean:

Gotta get up, I gotta get goin'
I'm gonna see a friend of mine
He's round and he's fuzzy
I love him because
He's just Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear

Lookin' for fun, chasin' some hunny bees
Pooh Bear I know he's out there
Rumblee tumblee, climin' a hunny tree
Fun never ends for us, we're so adventurous
Least every now and again

And when we're alone and there's nobody home
It's nice to be able to count on a friend
Like Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear
Wherever you go, oh won't you take me please
Pooh Bear, I gotta be there

It's me and it's you
Silly old Winnie the Pooh . . .

Sincerely: JayJay314
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    16 years, 10 months ago
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