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16 years, 8 months ago
I am dismayed at the lack of a Family Ness opening theme video or even anything to do with this wonderous relic of the 80s. I don't suppose anyone could upload the opening video? The DVD was released just recently and I don't imagine I was the only one tempted to buy it. :wink:
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    16 years, 8 months ago
    Is this the same as Happy Ness? With Nessies that have names ending in Ness? There was Handsome Ness (ugly as hell, for some reason), Happy Ness, Outrageous Ness, Silly Ness, Pompous Ness, Devious Ness, and a few others. Here's the lyrics to the theme song. If it's what you're talking about, I'll post a link to the theme audio.

    Something's hiding just beneath the sea
    Something's hiding just inside your heart
    If you're looking for a friend, who will be there till the end
    Inside your heart's a REAL good place to start
    Happiness is liking who you are, reaching for a star
    Knowing if you fall, someone will always catch you
    Happiness is just a state of mind, it isn't hard to find
    If you believe that all your dreams and wishes can come true
    Happy Ness is waiting there for you!

    Whoa, never mind...Happy Ness is different...and not as goofy.
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