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There were commercials for Nickelodeon's 20 year anniversary in 1999(I know hasn't been that long) that I would love to see again! Please post if you have one!
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    16 years, 6 months ago
    I have one of little Pete from Pete & Pete. Think that's it, though. Whatever was on between the recording of the YCDTOTV Alanis episode and the Don't Just Sit There with Melody from Hey Dude. 1998-99 commercials if anyone's interested. Not real real retro, but moreso than some other things that have made it on. They're at least toy commercials like GameBoy color and stuff.
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      i totally met Bradley 'Brad' Taylor (Kelly Brown), in a small shop on a narrow montauk beach street AWHILE back just when the series ended. She totally denied it was her. i felt like i did accuse her of being someone she wasnt until about four other people recognized her. eh. thats the highlight of my life, besides meeting Mark Linn-Baker (Larry Appleton) from perfect strangers, hulk hogan and dangerfield. sigh. my life is bleek. only tv shall brighten my existence. ahh
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