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17 years, 1 month ago
iw as cleanin this mornin in my old rooma nd found some old cartons and in them was the show saturday supercade wow i couldnt belieave it . .. wonder why they dont air that any more like on boomerrang of somthign like that .. they show pacman and others . i thinkil go watch them
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    16 years, 3 months ago
    What episodes are on there? Do you think there is a chance that you could upload them on the internet? The only time I ever saw this show was a video file that I downloaded from a bitorrent file containing 2 hours of CBS Saturday Morning with Saturday Supercade on there. And yes I think this show should air on Boomerang. It was made by Ruby Spears which is Hanna Barbara's sister company and Cartoon Network has the rights of Ruby Spears cartoons, why not air this show.
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