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has anybody seen xanadu with olivia newton john that movie had a brilliant nostalgiac feel to it and I still can,t the songs out of my head , there was even one scene in the movie where it,s totally animated ( Don,t walk away ) and it was done by the director of an american tail and the secret of NIMH Don Bluth
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    16 years, 10 months ago
    I've seen Xanadu a few times both renting it and watching it on t.v am thinking I might buy it eventually the music was great as was the animation interwoven into it and the costumes they wore and had the late Gene Kelly now who can beat a 80's Fantasy Musical like that.

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      I have the DVD at home. My 12 year old daughter loves the movie and we watch it quite frequently. I already go roller skating on Saturdays (here is the site I designed for the skating rink ) but when I watch Xanadu I want to skate more..

      Besides, who ever knew that Gene Kelly could rollerskate..
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        Wow. I'm surprised there are this many people who like this movie. Even as a kid, I hated it and thought it was horrorible. :?
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          omg another 1 o my fav movies of all time :) the almost all of the score was done by ELO they r an awesome band:) gene kelly is awesome so is of course olivia newton john:) the costumes were done very well & my fav part & song (i also own the soundtrack) lol is when they mix 80`s music w/ 40`s:) the band of the 80`s was The tubes. they also had an awesome song w/ " She`s a beauty" thanx 4 makin me remember :) luv mel
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            ...Your typing scares me.
            Game... ovahhhhhhhhh!!!
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              this was my favorite part of the movie.
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                My wife and I love this movie, although we don't admit it to anyone. We also have the LP soundtrack.

                Ok, honestly some of the movie......well most of the movie is chessy as heck (that last musical sequence is why we have the phrase "WTF"), but it's some of the songs, and Olivia that makes it worth watching. We also like that early 80s vibe. It really brings us back to being little kids.
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                  I've seen the animated bit--I was interested because I knew Don Bluth did it. In fact, that was one of the things that launched his career. I suppose I'll have to watch the whole thing sometime.
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                    I am happy to see that there are still fans of Xanadu. it's been a very long time since I watched it (Christmas 1999) and if there is any soul out there who knows where to find the DVD, let me know. as a child, I started to love movie musicals and next to Grease, this one rates high....even if this was one of many duds from that era i.e. 1978 to 1984-ish.
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                      I've seen it, but didn't quite get into it. Is is nostalgic though; all those skaters on those outfits dancing...sheesh
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                        One of the worst movies in history but Olivia Newton John is hot and it DEFINITElY has a 1980 vibe to it. I remember seeing the tv ads thinking no way in hell am I going to that.
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