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Ok, here we go,
This game was a hexagon based board game, one big island in the middle that was made with hexagon chips, from outside-in was, sand chips, forest chips and (dont remember if anything was in between) volcano chips.
the rest of the board was sea water

on the four corners of the board were 4 little islands

-little pieces that represented people
-Shark tail, Whale tail and serpents that were put in the sea water.

Name of the game was for four players to take turns and move their pieces to the four islands on the corners of the board.

Each player took a hexagon chip off the island and flipped it, if it had a shark, whale or serpent picture on it, you were allowed to move one of those pieces on the board to attack and eat the other players pieces.

after all the pieces were moved to the corners of the board you would look under each piece and they would have a number under them, the player with the highest number of points under their pieces would win.

I really loved playing this game, I remember a lot of it except the name of the game, anyone have any ideas?

sorry for such a long post.
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    16 years, 10 months ago

    I found it, the game is called Escape from Atlantis!
    Go to the bottom to see the pic, this one is a lot better than the one I played, the board game i played had hexagon flat chips, this thing has plastic pieces. man this one is hot, I have to get one.

    I was only 13 years old when this game came out, last time my mets won the world series!

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      board games are fun not 2 much of a fan fun tho
      Are we in Africa?
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