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16 years, 9 months ago
Man, i was just thinking how cool it is that we all share the same passion for our childhood memories.
A couple of months back by old mate Tim came up to visit and we ended up taking a nostalgic tour around Ulverston (my hometown). It's pretty insane, because although i see the same streets and buildings everyday you forget the perspective that you had when you're a child. For instance, walking down my old street in say, 1992 had a cool Bill & Ted/Guns 'n' Roses vibe to it. Walking down the same street now, it all seems pretty mundane. Maybe it's due to the fact that i'm not cruising on my old StreetWolf anymore, i'm not sure, but things back then seemed so much better! We also took a trip to Tims old house which is now derelict so we pretty much broke in. It was weird seeing his old room and the bare wall where his Star Trek:TNG and Queen posters used to be. Memories of sleepovers and watching kick ass horror movies till 2am came flooding back. I also remembered being s**t scared of walking up his drive at night. Tims house was pretty much on it's own and on the outskirts of town. THe only things surronding it were fields, trees and a couple of roads resulting in a nightmare riding home on your bmx after watching horror movies. After this nostalgic tour, we both came to the conclusion that we seemed to be one of a kind. Thinking of all those 80's movies with opened minded kids on bmx's etc listening to cool rock music and reading comic was as if we had actually lived that dream. The only thing we missed was meeting aliens, finding pirates treasure or finding the gateway to hell in our back garden. When you look around at your peers today it's hard to imagine that anyone else went through the same thing but when you come across websites like this you realize that it's a universal thing. Okay, maybe not everyone listens to 80's metal or likes horror movies but the passion's still there. You know that there was something magical and exciting about things back was more of an adventure. I dunno, maybe i'm 23 going on 60 and maybe no one else feels the same way i do but i just though i'd share my 2 cents with you all!
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