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16 years, 9 months ago
There's apparently no way to contact the author of these customs, but i'm pretty sure some of these are based upon 80s playsets.

Those two with distinctive balconies, domes and columns were definitely from the same line (there are white 18th century like statues left in the customs, no idea were it could come from, a Mozart or Versailles playset ????).

(much bigger than the MASK Boulder playset which might have been used)

(this one is probably made from different parts)

Any help would be very welcomed (I'm in a dead end right now, especially with the first two playsets). :cry:
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    16 years, 9 months ago
    1st one is the Naboo palace from Star Wars Episode 1
    2nd one is another naboo scene from Episode 1
    3rd is the Hoth base from The Empire Strikes Back
    4th is a trade federation ship bridge from Episode 1

    They almost look to be made from scratch.
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