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Lets take a look back on the old days of school in elementary or middle school (junior high). Please tell me about the teachers that you love to hate.

Example my fifth grade teacher was the meanest bitch in town. At confernces she would tell lies about you to get you in trouble. She would yell everyday. If there was a contest, she took all the fun out of it by making us win it, if we didn't win it she would take away recess. :evil:

There's the teacher I love to hate.
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    I had a PE teacher that I hated. She was a major bitch and for the life of me I cannot remember her name.. I have to look it up in the yearbook. All I know is that she was a mean SOB.
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      My Grade 1 teacher .. can't even remember her name now as it was well over 20 years ago ... She was such a hateful bitch. Whenever a kid misbehaved, she'd take them out into the hallway and spank them.

      Back in those days, I don't really know if that was allowed or not (probably not), but no one ever complained against her.
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        In fourth grade my math teacher Mrs Coleman She was this crotchedy old blue hair who was mean as a snake and pretentious as they come. She used to peridoically check everyones fingernails to make sure they where clean and the cuticles where pushed back. If they were not she would calll you a dirty little something or other..This is no joke she was wiked!
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          I couldn't stand my high school band teacher. He was always bitter towards me because I always talked about the band teacher before him that I liked a lot. I was always nice toward him, but he always passed me up on oppotunities and never took my leadership seriously. Unfortunately he didn't quit until my last year of high school. At least I only had to suffer for two years..
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            I had a history teacher in middle school that would tell us to read a chapter in a book and would then give us a test on it. You may not think that was so bad but he would do that every day and never anything else. I usually love history but this guy made me hate it. And while we were reading or taking a test which was all the time that left him free to fuck around on his computer all day. He was one lazy bitch and a horrible teacher.
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              3 years ago when I was a junior in high school I had this chemistry teacher that weighed like 500 pounds. She was one of those Californian teachers so she was an activist and all that. Preachin her pro gay and save the water and trees mumbo jumbo. She was a horrible teacher too and I got an F for the class, ruining any chance I had into making into a decent college. Now Im stuck in a rut and I blame it on that biatch.
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                Ugh... my 1st grade teacher was the worst!

                Her name was Mrs. Washburn. See, even the name sounds evil!

                I was in the GATE program all throughout my school career in San Diego, CA (it's for so-called gifted students you have to test into it.) So I normally received a little bit more work than most students, but my teacher constantly had me do work. Even when it was playtime in the classroom I never got playtime.

                And then, we were studying how to read a manual clock and for some reason I just didn't get it. She made me sit there all day looking at some dumb book on how to read a clock. The only time I got to leave my table was for restroom breaks and lunch. I didn't get recess or storytime.

                And finally, she would always keep me after school. Finally my grandmother had had enough of me coming home crying about my teacher and went right into the classroom one day after school when she came to pick me up. For ten minutes my grandmother laid into my teacher and left her in tears. After that, my teacher never bothered me again.

                What a horrible woman.
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                  Heres a warning from all those who are in secondary schools (sorry don't know the name of what they call it in the U.S) If you ever get into trouble and the teacher telling you off is one that has it in for you, they will make sure you get punished. This has happened to me loads of times.

                  This topic is going to be hard for me since my secondary school was full of them (goes and has a long time to think) OK I have thought of one. She was the deputy head. Her name was Miss Atkinson and I can't really explain her without offending female members. It was obvious she had it in for me. I was once being picked on and she wouldn't do a thing to help so I had to take it in my hands. I know I shouldn't have done it but I didn't know what else I could do. Miss Atkinson always told me off for this but if she sorted it out, I wouldn't have to keep sorting out this bullying myself. There was no end to all this. She even phoned my mom up once and said I was misbehaving at school but luckily my mom knew exactly what she was like and she hates her as much as I do. She sometimes came into my class to pass messages on to teachers and if she saw me ( this never happened to other pupils) not working (i finished) she would tell me to get on with my work. I remember another incident when Another pupil was starting on me and I stood up to him. Miss Atkinson came along and jumping to conclusions she put all the blame on me. :evil: :evil:

                  I will always hate Miss Atkinson and if she is ever outside my house on a rainy day and she comes to my door asking me for shelter. I won't let her in. Instead I will say to her "Hell no, You mother Bitch" and slam the door in her face. Literally would be the funniest thing that could happen here. I'm not at school now you see. I'm too old for detentions. :lol:
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                    From elementry to college I pretty decent teachers, though there were a few who fell well below on my "cool techer" list.

                    1st Grade teacher, Mrs. Rosenburge, she had short red hair, glasses and always a mean snarl on her face. I admit, we had some real trouble makers in the class but she always scream at the top of lungs when someone did something wrong or what she thought was wrong.

                    One was my 7-8th grade math teacher, she had brown teeth and bad breath from drinking way too much coffee.

                    I had a music teacher in Highschool who was a sarcastic bastered.

                    And one college math instructor who was just incompentent.

                    But the the cool teachers over shadowed them. Bing a pretty well like student worked on my behalf.
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                      I had a horrible college algebra professor who wanted me to fail the class because I never showed up and knew all the material like the back of my hand. I only showed up to 4 class periods, the 3 tests, and the final. While I was taking the final exam, he came over to me and said “I don’t care if you’ve made A’s on the rest of my tests, if you don’t get an A on this, I’ll fail you for absences.” I just smiled and got my A. I really hated that smug bastard.
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                        My fourth grade teacher Ms. Owen. That racist a$$, stupid a$$, tired a$$, old crotchety a$$. If i could have i would have punched her in her face but i would have been expelled prolly. She looked like that thing off of tales from tha cript mixed wit them ol ugly kitty cats.
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                          I had a lot of @$$hole teachers.

                          In kindergarden teacher was horrible and sexist she would make the girls clean up after the boys.

                          My 1st grade teacher was a bitch she use to baby the boys in the class too. My class had 3 trouble makers me and 2 boys and she would always complain baout how bad I was. And she let those 2 boys get away with everything. And one boy was really nasty he was always talking about his genitals and she never told him anything.

                          My 5th grade teacher was a Disney promotin' bitch she also had a side job on the weekend working at Disneyland. She was always promoting it. She had this thing called "slave day" where she made certian people be slaves. And the people who were the slaves had to wear himulating signs all day. She made us write potery and she would write so fast nobody would get copy it down. I got an F in handwriting because of her. And she had 5 little teacher's pets.

                          My 6th grade teacher was a PMSing bitch. :twisted: She would yell at us for no reason. She hated when I told her that I thought the class was a sweatshop because we would spend all day making bracelets. She never taught us anything. One day we watched tennis all day. She was a tennis freak! And she was addicted to diet coke. When she didn't have it she would get super bitchy.

                          My math teacher from 2 semesters ago was a SOB he would get mad at us because we didn't bring the book and he would make up all these dumb rules on the spot and get people in trouble. :twisted:

                          And my mass media teacher was a bitter reporter who got mad at people who didn't read the school newspaper. She spent more time in that class promoting the newspaper than teaching. She also had us distribute the newspaper. I never did it though. I would hide the papers in the class. :wink:
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                            My 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teachers were some mean ladies.

                            My 6th grade teacher's big thing was grammar. Every little detail and every written exercise got pounded into out heads through drills and busy work. She harped on grammar and spelling so much that it made us kids sick.

                            My 7th grade teacher's big thing was math. She would humiliate people who did not get correct answers. She had a quiz every day and pop tests pretty regularly. If someone screwed up a little bit, she kicked them into the "slow" math class, which ended up being 75% of the 7th grade. She also liked to kick people out of her classroom into another room when they were missing assignments.

                            My 8th grade's big thing was rote memorization of American history and literature. If you forgot assignents or did not read directions, you were screwed. She would keep you after school and make you write "Direction following will be your downfall," over and over on the blackboard for an hour. You could count on entire sections of tests to have directions like "write out the Declaration of Independence," or "Compare and contrast the Mayans and Incas." Numb wrists.

                            I am thankful to this day that they were such evil women. Look at some of these kids who write thier own language or type like they were dropped on thier damn heads.... a rant for a different time.
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                              Pardon for "waking the dead" But I couldn't pass this up.

                              Like True I had some "cool Teachers" but we're talking about the evil and not so evil teachers.

                              1st Grade: My teacher would ask me what am I doing whenever I was playing with some of the other classmates. And I think she was Anal. It was like I would draw a pattern of some kind and ask me what it was, or when I'm building something with the Tinker toys. :roll: :roll: :x

                              Also I had a reading/math teacher whenever she shouted, It was almost like hearing Hitler.

                              2nd grade. Hoo boy this one's the kicker. This teacher was an A1 class bitch, Whenever we had a Book time we'd read our books then Had to tell something about it. I all ways ran into the bad luck of getting the harder books and not being able to read it all the through. She'd ask me what the book was about. I tried to give a review about but couldn't come to a conclusion. And she'd get pissy with me. "WHY DON'T you learn to read Better! " and I said "Well how do you read then?" Her reply, "DON'T BE RIDICULOUS!" ! . well excuse me If I don't understand the concept of reading BITCH! (I didn't say that, but thought about it) :evil:
                              Also During a class trip we're looking for a spot to eat our lunch, but the only place we could sit was at a Dog Poo spot. And one of the other students had it all in his hands and the teacher made me hold hands with him, and couldn't wash my hands til I got home. Gross

                              And here's what really pissed me off about her. we were playing a game on the computer and one of the other kids was getting in my face and then we all got rowdy, and I got hit in the face by one of the kids and got up quickly to get away for it and the kid blamed it on me and Bitch assumed it as well. got me into trouble ! :evil: F**** Bitch I had 80 detentions Because her, And for no reason!
                              F*** YOU Mrs. Hollstollsky!!!! should you be reading this (Prolly Unlikely)

                              and there was this other one who uh..... the only way I can Describe her as.. Picture Jabba the Hutt in a dress and black hair.

                              9th grade: This teacher I had was so Incompetent (She was Good at Math, but sucked at Everything else) She made my ex-friend turn against me and made me look like a Dumbass (remember the freaky kid in my Oregon trail post) also spazz over what lil thing I did and didn't approve of some of the artwork I did in this one project. and further more I think she was trying to Purposely Flunk me.

                              Excuse me While to calm down.
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                                Although it's nasty and she may not even be with us anymore... I believe my Headmistress in infant school was insane...

                                She wrote my name on the blackboard in huge letters one morning before any of us came into the classroom. This gave me a jolt anyway, but then the teacher said that probably meant I was supposed to go to her office.

                                I went there and she looked at me sternly for a minute before saying 'wait there, I'm busy....' Moments later she she came back and dropped a completely obliterated rubix cube in my lap. She then proceeded to call me irresponsible, destructive etc... and lectured me that she spent £8 on this...

                                I had been in the office as part of a reading group the day before and a few of us had played with rubix cubes (she had a couple). I had lost interest quite quickly and put one back. Somewhere along the line, one of those 'special' kids must have been in later in the day and ahem, played with it.... I've no idea how they managed to smash it up so good, even more surprised the silly cow didn't notice. Anyways, my 7 year old pleas that I wasn't even playing with THIS cube fell on deaf ears. I sat there for an hour as she demanded I fix it.... I said something about needing glue, to which she responded 'stupid boy'. I presume I was supposed to use the powers of my mind to put it back.

                                BUT... as if that wasn't enough, when I got back to class, some kid had stolen my counting blocks and other necessary bits and pieces. We all used to sit in a circle and do these counting exercises. The teacher (A nice woman generally - the anti headmistress and the first person to declare that I should be an author..) told me to stop being stupid and get my blocks.

                                "Uhm... they're not in my tray, someone else has them."

                                "RIGHT, if you're going to be childish you can go and spend the afternoon in 6C!!"

                                Suddenly, I was forced to sit in with the six year olds!!!!! I spent the afternoon writing out The Three Little Pigs!! WTF?!?!!?

                                That was the greatest injustice I ever felt in my young years!!!! Was school always such a sadistic exercise?

                                I think this was almost beaten two years later, when a dinner lady blamed me for a burger that was thrown on the floor... she wouldn't let anyone on the table leave, until I admitted it was me....

                                Sometimes school was like being in Iraq!!!

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                                  Damn, you all had some mean-ass teachers! I must have been really lucky because none of my teachers from elementary school through high school were really that bad. Some of them couldn't teach or whatever but they weren't rotten to the core like the teachers mentioned in this thread.

                                  Now babysitters, that's another story.
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                                    I had a mean ass bus driver...Miss Hayes...She was an old ugly lady...And she would always be pointing her bony finger at us and yelling through that huge rear view mirror.."GET THAT BOOGER OFF THE WINDOW!!!"...My friend and I would collect nails from out of the back of my Dad's pickup truck..And we would stick them under the bus tires..That plan backfired on us though because one time our bus was late because of a flat tire...So we had to stay at school until the bus arrived
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                                      Wow my fifth grade teacher. She was a in the words of Stewie Griffin "a total bitch". She was the type of teacher that would teach the class a new math problem only once and then call you up to do it on the board, well that bitch always called me up to the board, never did she call anyone else she always called me. But worst of all when I got the answer wrong guess what that she demon would do, she would say something ignorant to me because she knew I couldn’t resist the temptation to roast her ass, and then when I did she would send me to the principles office.
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                                        I'm half Asian. Growing up, I've noticed that when some people see a person of Asian descent who isn't smiling, they think they are angry. Unfortunately for me, I went to a private Christian school that was full of a bunch of uncultured, prejudiced hicks.

                                        I'd just be standing there, minding my own business, and my 1st grade teacher would say, "What's wrong? Why are you mad?" I wouldn't have the foggiest notion of what in the blue hell she was talking about. But she didn't just stop there.

                                        I got the reputation among the 1st grade teaching staff that I had a really bad temper, which led to disciplinary action on a number of occasions. Once, during recess, I somehow irritated the recess monitor by "being rowdy" (i.e. running and playing), so he violently grabbed and pulled me by the shoulder and yelled at me.

                                        Having been PHYSICALLY ABUSED, I was angry. So, I sat down and pouted. A teacher from the classroom saw the whole thing, and told me, "You need to control your anger!" She went to back to the classroom and gave me a demerit. This was the same bitch whose son was always getting detentions and suspensions because he was a juvenile delinquent.

                                        I hated that place.
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