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I can only remember a few bits of the movie. First off it was animated and im pretty sure it was of the Fantasy genre. I cant remember the hero but I do recall that the villan lived in some castle with spikey terrain around it (the heros infiltrate it I believe) and I think the guards/soldiers wore black spikey armor and had red eyes. Also I can remember that they were gonna destroy this forest and that it catches fire later in the movie. Also one thing that may help the most. There is some guy laying on a water bed that as living fish in it, im pretty sure its some sort of bed. I also remember him being bearded and a large fellow both height wise and around the mid section. Well thats about it, if anyone can lend any insight into this id greatly apprectate it.
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    That's an easy one, I loved that movie when I ws little. It was called The Elm-Chanted Forest. The castle was the home of the Catus King and the guy on the "waterbed" was King Neptune. Good movie I rented it not long ago and I still enjoyed as much as I did as a child.
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