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17 years, 5 months ago
Who wants to help brown_eyed? Lol, anyway, I recall a movie that I saw on Disney Channel when I was like, in the fifth grade, and it may or may not have been a DCOM. The point is, I remember it being about a girl, about fifteen or so, who discovers a way to travel back in time. I think to colonial times...? I believe she had a younger brother, too. She travels back in time, anyway, and meets a colonial girl about her age that comes back with her to see what the future (our time) is like. The modern girl stops at an ATM to grab some cash and I remember the colonial girl making a remark like, "It MUST be conterfeit!" I also remember the modern girl going back to the colonial girl's time to hang out, then saying, "I'll be right back." She was only gone for about five minutes in her time, but in the colonial girl's time she had been gone for hours, and the colonial girl was like, slumped up against a wall waiting for her. That's all I remember. If it helps, I think the main character, the modern girl, may have been blonde. Anyway, if anyone remembers what the heck this was, let me know. Thanks in advance! :D
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