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i am searching fro the name of an old kids game show from the early 90s. i think it was a non-nickelodeon show, which makes it more obscure than most from the time. it started with 3 kid contestants behind jeopardy style podiums colored a dark color answering questions from the host on a set that looked very icy/futuristic/cold, with a ice maze mountain in the background. the winner from the question round went through the ice maze mountain, trying to make his way to a room and not get attacked by an abominable snowman-esque monster a la legends of the hiden temple guards, the ice-maze mountain had triangular/ diamond, and square shaped ice partitions, and laser lightingi want to say, if the kid made it out of the maze, he entered a room i believe to be circular, with talking heads mounted on the wall, that would ask the kid questions, should he get so many of them right i think he won, i also remember a sorceres/witch character dressed in pink/red who appeared on tv from a very opulent, posh "lair" and never directly interacted with anyone on the set, she was evil and gave discouraging remarks to the contestant. i believe the questions asked by the talking heads and maybe the host were a history/general knowledge based set of questions. again, i do not think it was a nick tv show. it definitely is not nick arcade, because the host was white i think and there were no video games used if i remember correctly, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

for some reason the word krag or agrokrag seems to resonate along with this, again though, pick your brains for any help
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    Nope Not Pick Your Brain, but Masters Of The Maze. oh and BTW be sure to Introduce yourself in the "Say Hello" thread
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      yeah, im pretty sure it's masters of the maze, but regarding krag and aggrokrag, i think you're thinking of nickelodeon guts, or global guts, same difference. but your description sounds definitely like masters of the maze
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        Besides the Guts series, there was Legends of the Hidden Temple, Double Dare, What would you do, among others.
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