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OK two movies from late 70's early 80's. I don't remember much but here goes.

The first movie was about a group of guys possibly a band. I think it was a scary movie definately a B-movie. The only thing I can really remember is there was a fat guy in it with an "I'm a Virgin" t-shirt. My friend and I though this was so funny, we made our own "I'm a virgin" shirts for our band. (This was around '93)

The next movie was probably from the 70's all I remember was two people were locked in a room and some guy (who's face you don't see) is watching them on monitors and is torturing them by playing a real LOW noise, and keeps turning it up louder. This may be from a tv show, but I can't remember.

Any ideas?
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    second movie sounds like The Panic Room..unless it's not a remake
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