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17 years, 1 month ago
Anyone a fan of older skateboard videos? I have a big tupperware bin full of old skate videos from when I was super addicted to all things skateboard.

There are a few classics that I pop in occassionally to hype myself up before a skateboard outting:

Toy Machine- Welcome to Hell
The Plan B videos
Shorty's - Fulfill the Dream
Blind- Video Days
Foundation- Tentacles of Destruction
Zero- Thrill of it All
World Industries- Trilogy
...Even those old 2 hour long Powell Perallta videos are good sometimes
411 issues 1-40

Anyone else into skate videos like these, before editing and filming were super-slick and skateboarding media still had some graininess to it? Artificial 35mm "look, now its artsy" footage doesn't really do it for me.

Also, I like these videos because a lot of them (like the older Foundation videos) have tricks that are somewhat on my level. If anyone else is a nerd about this kind of stuff too... let me know, post it here!
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    17 years, 1 month ago
    Never really watched skate videos, but recently I've seen a number of documentaries... Dogtown, Rising Son (Christian Hosoi), and the Gator documentary.
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      17 years ago
      I meant like... skate videos where the skateboarding is the main focus... not like a drama with skating in it... but thats cool.
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