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Hey Guys,

I've just found this community of nostalgics and signed on, it was great to see that I wasn't the only one living down memory lane...

I wonder if any of you can help me in finding out the title of a movie I saw so many years ago and now have absolutely no idea of what it was.

I don't have much information to go on, but here goes:

It was a movie from the early to mid 1980s, American. The premise was that there were several teams made up of different sorts of characters sent out on a complex treasure hunt throughout a city. There was a red team, a green team, blue team and so on. Certain teams had 'baddies' in them and others were more sympathetic. Obviously in the end the team that wins had the right mix of people taking part (The cool but nice dude, the pretty sweet girl, the fat girl, the slow one. etc.)

The treasure hunt required the teams to do all sorts of crazy stuff and I have a feeling that it ended with some sort of weird car chase...

Like I said, it's not much to go on, but I'm hoping one of you knows exactly what I'm talking about...

All the best to all the nostalgics...

A kid from the '79 (the last good year).
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    I have no idea, sorry, but I guess one pointless reply is better than zero. :D
    if you won't find it here, try using google and various combinations of key words you can think of. and you may use imdb search machine, just type keyword team or sth and then go through all the long long list. maybe you'll find sth. :o
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      17 years, 1 month ago
      Could it be Midnight Madness?
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        17 years, 1 month ago
        Yeah sounds like Midnight madness !
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          this might be a long shot but it also sounds like death race 2000.
          Thats how I roll!
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            this does not even ring a bell for me
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                17 years ago
                Wow, you guys are all so good! Thank you very much for such prompt suggestions; I'm embarrassed for not having checked back right away...

                Yes, thank you most of all to priapic and to bamfingnightcrawler most of all. It was Midnight Madness after all, I really did not remember the title at all...

                Well, now it's down to the local video store on the next occasion to se if they have it (unlikely). I live in Europe so the possibility of it running on cable/satellite over here is next to none.

                Thanks also to the other guys who replied, I haven't seen either of your suggestions, Death Race and Scavenger Hunt so I'll look out for them if I see them running on TV or on DVD.

                I hope I will be able to be of some use in remembering something from your wishful nostalgia someday too!

                Ciao Ciao and thanks again to all.
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