17 years ago
Ok, so there was this toy released in the nineties. It had a stuffed tie dyed body with long black legs and arms. It had plastic glove hands (kinda like mickey mouse looking hands) and a long black neck. Its head was plastic with a big yellow nose and big black eyes painted on. It had a brightly colored mohawk made out of troll type hair. There were three plastic gizmos on its head, one on each ear and one in the back. When you shook him, he made those yukka noises like when you shake a giggle stick... does anyone know what I'm talking about? Does anyone remember the name of this toy?

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    17 years ago
    It's called a "Jibber-Jabber", I think...because it make some kind of "Jibber-Jabber, Jibber-Jabber" noise when you shook it.

    Ring any bells for you...?

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      17 years ago
      THATS IT!! Thank you soooo much!
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        17 years ago
        I had one of those when I was little! I always thought it sounded like it was saying, "Help me! Help me!" Wow... whatever happened to Jibber-Jabbers? I feel old remembering this and I'm only 19.
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          17 years ago
          oh god i always wanted one.. but i always wanted Stretch Armstrong too..
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