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17 years ago
anyone remember the old halloween tapes and werefrom the early/mid 90's?
one tape was mostly just halloween noises ,but the rest were just silly songs for the holiday
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    17 years ago
    kinda but I remember the buckets more
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      17 years ago
      theres a c.d that you could get with cats and dogs meowing and barking along to christmas songs i duno were it's from mabey mcdonalds??
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        17 years ago
        Yes, the McDonalds Halloween Tapes were from 1995. I remember having them.

        I also remember those Halloween Buckets/Pails from the Late 80's. I actually have a picture of myself from when I was 1 year old in 1987 with one of those buckets on my head. And strangely, I remember it well too, even though I was only 1
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          17 years ago
          I remember those tapes, as well as the figurines of the old McDonalds characters, who could dress up for halloween. I used to listen to that tape repeatedly everytime I had to sit in the car while dad worked. Shame they stopped putting effort and originality into the toys...
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            17 years ago
            I remember those tapes. My brothers got one when they were two. I remember it had Ronald McDonald singing about what he wants to be for Halloween. I also remember there being a bunch of kids and Grimice on there too.
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              17 years ago
              I remember the tapes. I may still have some, idk.
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