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I have two shows which I have very brief vague memories of, there both aired in the early 90's and since im in canada, they might not have been aired in the US.

1) This show was a live action puppet type show. I believe there were no humans. I think all the puppets were dogs. The main character was a dirty shaggy dog, brownish stood up at all times. The setting was wierd, it was a house with a garden outside but everything was so dark and dull, It aired in either CBC, TVO or CTV but not YTV.

2) The second show also had to do with puppets. The puppets were all in a spaceship or in outer space and I think at the beginning the captain which i believe was a female puppet would enter through a door and come down steps. lots of songs, they sort of looked like the muppets. they all wore space type suits. This I believe was on an american channel

Help is appreciated
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    the first one reminds me of a show i used to watch but it was on ytv it did have other animals i dont know the name of the show but i do remember the dog was charley the male cat was ricky and the girl cat was tango. i forget alot of the others but there was a bird another dog/fox. i think she was called sandy. later on in the show but only the layout sounds like this show
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      Yes, now that I think about it, the show was on ytv and I now remember there were other animals. Charley the dog sounds fimiliar, im sure were talking about the same show. Anyone know the name
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        The first one was called Kitty Kats.
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