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16 years, 11 months ago
Look what I found on YouTube. It is a show that I haven't seen it in years called the "$100,000 Name That Tune". I really missed that show a lot, because it is a lot of fun. I knew all of the songs that are from that show and stuff like that. I love the "Melody Roulette" round, but the sound in which a host spins for the money gives me goosebumps. Here is the first round on that show and after that comes "Tune Topics".

The next clip from that show features "Bit-a-Note" in which a contestant will name that tune in 7 notes, 6 notes, 5 notes, etc.

And finally, to the final called "Golden Medley" where one contestant should name 7 songs in 30 seconds or less, you could win money! Here it is.

That's all there is. I missed that show, it brings back some memories of watching my favorite game show since childhood.

As for the video quality, not good. If you have any thoughts about the "$100,000 Name That Tune", feel free to comment.
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    16 years, 11 months ago
    I tuned out when I realized these were of the web-cam variety I hate to view.
    - From The King of Esoteric
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