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(EDIT - Old Kids LIVE action/cartoon)

Ok. will give a bag of gold to those who can help.

It's was a live action kids show that involved a kid who could draw, and one day upon drawing a small character (The kid might of had blonde hair, the character might of worn a cap) the character came to life and walked around his room talking.

Another factor was you never saw the parents face. Chances are it was early-mid 90's, maybe on BBC.

Thanks ahead :D
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    McGee & Me

    The TBN Channel (Trinity Broadcasting Network) airs the show Saturday mornings at 11:30. Check your local listings cause it maybe different where you live.
    Hope this helps?
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      Ah yes, that has to be it.

      Thanks :D
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        we used to watch that at my sunday school when i was little, then we would rent it from the church's library
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